In the recent past:

In 2017, Linda Parman and I were invited by the Spokane County Library District to create a program of live music of a historical nature. We had done two such programs previously- in 2014 we created a program of music from the Great Depression Era of the 1930s for the "Hope in Hard Times" exhibit. Then in 2015 we created a program of music and poetry related to the Yukon-Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s as a musical companion for  with the February 2015 Big Read selection- Jack London's "The Call of the Wild." These were presented at the numerous SCLD locations as mini-concerts. For 2017, we had been asked to create a program of music from the Vietnam War years in conjunction with the Ken Burns PBS documentary series on the War to be broadcast this fall. Our program was well received and featured Linda and I performing covers of folk and pop music (much of which was anti-war) AS WELL AS country music that was written at the time as a response to the counter-cultural themes that rose in popularity during that era. 

Brad Keeler   


Jackie McIntyre-Fox and I have been working together on and off with various music projects for over ten years and in the summer of 2016, in addition to our work in the "Fox and Hounds" group, we began focusing on presenting ourselves in a "duo" format. We are calling our duo "FanceeThat!"  and we have some retirement community bookings for 2018 and you can hear/see us perform at the Millwood Farmer's Market during the upcoming market season. In January, we performed at the Three Rivers Folklife Society Winter Concert Series in Pasco, WA. In 2018 we will again perform at the Colville Rendezvous, the Bemiss Community Concert Series iin Spokane, Mulligan's in Coeur d'Alene with more bookings to come (please see the schedule elsewhere on this website).


Jackie and the Hounds will perform again at the Browne's Addition Concert Series at Coeur d'Alene Park in late July, as well as our annual joint booking with the Brad Keeler Trio at the Deer Park Settler's Day at Mix Park- our 5th year in a row! Sad to report that we will not be reprising our joint booking at the Priest Lake Huckleberry Festival (4 years) as that event has been canceled.


Level Four will perform in late June at the annual Deer Park Summer Concert Series at Mix Park yet again. It will be a slightly smaller group this time around as slide guitarist Phil Kleinman will not be available to play with us this year. In July of 2016, the new, larger, incarnation of LEVEL FOUR made its debut at the Deer Park Summer Concert Series at Mix Park. This unit is a little different from most of my previous musical projects with Rick Singer on drums, Phil Kleinman on electric slide guitar, plus Linda Parman on guitar and vocals, Jim Pittman on bass and vocals and myself mostly playing archtop electric. It's the most "electric" band I've ever been in. And alot of fun, too! We'll be at Mix Park again in July of 2017. You can find a video of us on youtube playing the blues classic "Trouble In Mind" at the 2016 Spokane Fall Folk Festival. We were

at the 2017 Spokane Fall Folk Festival as well.

Talking about the Fall Folk Fest for 2017- there were rumors of a "Wide River" reunion at the Folk Fest in November, but it didn't happen. Tentatively, that reunion will take place at the INBMA Showcase on May 5, 2018 at the Western Dance Center on Sullivan Road in Spokane Valley. Wide River, with Dave McRae, Brett & Janet Dodd and myself, was active from 2006 to around 2010 and played at numerous events, venues and festivals including the Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival in Medical Lake, the Mount St. Helens Bluegrass Festival, the Pend Oreille Valley Bluegrass Festival, and more. 

I will post update on all of this as more news is available.........

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