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Hello 2020!

(please scroll down for bios, history, previous performances, special projects etc)

Friday Jan 3 FANCEETHAT! w/ Brad Keeler and Jackie McIntyre-Fox @ MARYHILL WINERY TASTING ROOM Vancouver WA 5-8 pm

Sunday Jan 5 FANCEETHAT! w/Brad Keeler and Jackie McIntyre-Fox @ MARYHILL WINEFRY TASTING ROOM Woodinville WA 2-5 p

Friday Feb 21  Brad Keeler (solo)

FORZA Coffee, Sullivan Rd, Spokane

Valley, 5-7 pm

Sunday Feb 23  FanceeThat! (Brad & Jackie) Maryhill Tasting Room Kendall Yards, 2-5 pm

Friday March 13 Brad Keeler (solo)

FORZA Coffee, South Hill, 29th, 6-8pm

Friday March 20 Brad Keeler (solo)

Forza Coffee, Gonzaga Location, Spokane 6-8 pm

Friday April 17 Brad Keeler (solo)

Forza Coffee Sullivan RD location

5:30-7:30 pm

Saturday May 2 BRAD KEELER TRIO @

Inland Northwest Bluegrass Music Association SHOWCASE (3 bands) Opportunity Presbyterian Church Pines Rd Spokane Valley...showcase concert 6-8 pm

Saturday May 9  Brad Keeler (solo)

Spokane Farmer's Market, 5th between Division & Browne, Spokane 9- noon

Saturday May 16 FANCEETHAT! (Brad and Jackie) @ WildGoose Bill Days, Wilbur, WA Town Park, 3-5pm

Friday June 5 FANCEETHAT! (Brad and Jackie) @ Mulligan's Appleway at RT95 and I-90, 6-8pm

Saturday June 13 Brad Keeler (solo)\

Spokane Farmer Market, 5th between

Division & Browne, 9 to noon

FFriday June 26 Jackie Fox and the Hounds @ St Maries Summer Concert Series St Maries ID

Wednesday July 1 Brad Keeler (solo)

SFM 5th between Browne and Division

9 to noon

Sunday July 12 Brad Keeler (solo) @

Big Barn Brewing, Green Bluff, 2-5pm

Saturday July 18 Brad Keeler & Level Four

Deer Park Summer Concert series at Mix Park, 6-8pm free

Thursday July 23 Jackie Fox and the Hounds @ Browne's Addition Concerts

Coeur d'Alene Park, Spokane 

Wednesday Aug 12 Brad Keeler (solo)

SFM 5th between Browne and Division

9 to noon

Saturday Aug 29 Brad Keeler (solo)

SFM 5th between Browne & Division

9 to noon

Wednesday Sept 2 Brad Keeler (solo)

SFM 5th between Browne & Division

9 to noon

Saturday & Sunday Sept 5&6

Tumbleweed Music Festival, Howard Amon Park, Richland,WA ...day and time TBA

Saturday Sept 12 Brad Keeler Duo

Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Concert

4:30-6:30 pm

Saturday Sept 19 Brad Keeler (solo)

SFM 5th between Browne & Division


Saturday Oct 3 Brad Keeler (solo)

SFM 5th between Browne & Division


Saturday Nov 7 Keeler, Melvin and Morse

Reunion Concert....The trio's first (and only) reunion performance since 2011! This popular Spokane-based trio performed throughout the Northwest from 2003 until January 2011 and appeared at many premier events and venues during that time. We will be performing separately and together for this occasion. For more information and tickets visit www.indieairradio.com

 Brad Keeler is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, composer,

and interpreter of Vintage Music. Either solo

or with the Brad Keeler Trio, or in the duo "FanceeThat!" with Jackie McIntyre-Fox, or with bluegrass quartet "Jackie Fox and the Hounds",  he can be seen and heard at the Inland Northwest's premier cultural events including:

-ARTFEST (2011,2014 Browne's Addition,   Spokane)

-ART ON THE GREEN (2012-2015 Coeur d'Alene)

-Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival (2014 Medical


-Lewiston Valley Bluegrass Festival (2014, 2015, 2018)

-Spokane Fall Folk Festival (2000-2017)

-Manito Park Bench Concert Series (2013-2018)

-Jenny Anne Mannan's "Northwest of   Nashville" series at The Bartlett in Spokane (July   2016, June 2017 and the NWON Christmas   Extravaganza December 2017)

-The Deer Park Summer Concert Series (2015-   2018 at Mix Park, as "Brad Keeler and Level Four")

Deer Park Settler's Day (at Mix Park 2014-2018)

-Tumbleweed Music Festival (Richland WA 2000-2012

  (headliner in 2010), returned again for 2017-2018

-Circle Moon Dinner Theater (Sasheen Lake 2016- self   produced "The Great American Songbook and More" with   the Brad Keeler Trio. Two night engagement)

(Somewhat) CURRENT NEWS:

At the Tumbleweed Music Festival (Labor Day weekend, Richland, WA) in 2018 Dan Maher invited me to be a guest on his TV show "JAM WITH DAN" We recorded the show at the studio in the Edward R. Murrow Center at Washington State University in late September 2018, it was aired in the Moscow-Pullman area April 2019,

and is now available for viewing on the internet.

Simply do a google search for "Jam with Dan" and the location should come up on the Northwest Public Broadcasting/NPR/PBS website. Look for episode 14. We cover a lot of musical territory in the one hour show and there's something for everyone so check it out.................... And thanks again, Dan, for inviting me on the show!

Either solo or with any number of groups, Brad Keeler has performed at countless other venues and events in PWN locales from Tacoma and Orcas Island to Republic, WA and Troy, Montana since the year 2000. His multi-instrumentalist artistry (flatpick & fingerpick guitar slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, violin, piano, bass, washboard and more) can be heard on the numerous self-produced recordings he has released since 1997, as well as, group recordings by "Wide River" and "Keeler, Melvin and Morse."

You can also find Brad Keeler solo or with the trio on youtube (simply write brad keeler Spokane music in the youtube search box) and audio and video samples can be seen and heard at www.reverbnation.com/bradkeeler. 

If you like your roots music played acoustic, you've come to the right place!

(continue scrolling down for 2019 schedule)

                     HELLO 2019 

Things are off to an early start for 2019...............................

Brad Keeler and Linda Parman have already

scheduled ten Spokane County Library District

shows between February and May. The new program

is "The Great Folk Scare: The American Folk Music

Revival, 1958-1965" This is our fifth historical-

musical program for the SCLD since 2014. This time

around we will be exploring the folk music revival which 

gained momentum in those years with the release of

the 19th century song "Tom Dooley" by the Kingston Trio in

1958 (three million copies sold) and the creation of the Newport Folk Festival (1959- this year is the 60th anniversary!). The one hour SCLD mini-concerts are free and family friendly. Linda and I will be performing on numerous instruments including acoustic guitars, National Reso-phonic guitar, mandolin, banjos, autoharp, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, harmonica and


Also: As of January, February and March, 2019, I am recording and mixing my latest CD album. This will be my 13th solo album and my third of all original material. Hope to have this available for the summer music season. The title of this project is yet to be decided on, but  the arrangements etc reflect various musical influences that have inspired me since I first heard and absorbed music as a young person. Overdub tracks include me playing electric guitar, electric lap steel guitar, electric bottleneck slide guitar, electric bass, standup bass, piano, organ, percussion, and  washboard  The songs include a couple I wrote in 2006, one I started writing in the mid-1990s (they have been waiting for the "right" project to come along to get recorded), while most were written in the past three or four years. Most of these I've been performing on and off at live shows.

Please scroll down for complete 2019 schedule:

(schedule will be undated over coming months)

- 2/2/19...Saturday... Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman ... Folk Revival Concert...Medical 

  Lake Library (SCLD)....  2-3pm

- 2/5/19...Tuesday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman ... Folk Revival Concert ..Otis Orchard

  Library (SCLD)... 6:30-7:30 pm

- 2/9/19..Saturday ...Brad Keeler & Jackie

  McIntyre-Fox (FANCEE THAT!)...Mulligan's 

  (@Best Western)... Appleway off I-90...Coeur

  d'Alene, ID

- 2/16/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman...Folk Revival Concert...Argonne

   ​Library...2-3 pm

  - 3/16/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler & Jackie

    McIntyre-Fox (FanceeThat)...Mulligan's

    (@Best Western on Appleway in Coeur

    d'Alene) 6-8 pm   


- 3/24/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman...North Spokane Library...Hawthorne

  Ave... Spokane...2-3 pm

- 3/26/19...Tuesday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman...Fairfield Library (SCLD)...Main St.

  Fairfield, WA ...6:30-7:30pm   ​   

- 4/9/19...Tuesday...Brad Keeler & Linda 

  Parman...Folk Revival Concert...Spokane 

  Valley Library  (SCLD)...7:30-8:30pm

- 4/10/19...Wednesday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman...Folk Revival Concert...Cheney

  Library (SCLD)...6:30-7:30pm

- 4/19/19...Friday...Brad Keeler (solo) ...Forza

  Coffee Co....Lincoln Heights Shopping

  Center...29th on South Hill...5:30-7:30 pm

- 4/27/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)     

  Laughing Dog  Taproom...Schweitzer Plaza,

  Ponderay, ID... 6-8pm

- 5/9/19...Thursday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman...Folk Revival Concert ... Airway

  Heights Library (SCLD)...6:30-7:30pm

- 5/11/19....Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo) 

  Idaho Pour Authority....Sandpoint, ID 5-7 pm

- 5/14/19...Tuesday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman... Folk Revival Concert.. Deer Park

  Library (SCLD)...6:30-7:30pm

- 5/15/19...Wednesday...Brad Keeler & Linda

  Parman... Folk Revival Concert...Moran Prairie

  Library  (SCLD)...6:30-7:30 pm

- 5/18/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Liberty Lake Farmer's Market...9 am - 1 pm

- 5/21/19....Tuesday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

   Fairwood Farmer's Market....Hastings Rd

   Spokane...3-7 pm

- 6/1/19...Saturday...FanceeThat!...Brad &

  Jackie and guest Philip Brown on piano,

  accordion, and violin...Balch Hotel, Dufur, OR

  7-9 pm

- 6/2/19....Sunday...FANCEETHAT! with Brad

  Keeler and Jackie McIntyre Fox...Maryhill

  Winery Terrace,  Goldendale WA....1 to 5 pm

- 6/7/19...Friday...Brad Keeler solo....Craftsman

  Cellars...Kendall Yards, Spokane....6-8 pm

- 6/10/19...Monday...Brad Keeler and Linda

  Parman...Medical Lake Library (SCLD) ....we

  have been invited for a reprise of our 2017

  "Songs from the Vietnam War Era"

  program in conjunction with the Traveling Wall

  exhibit....time TBA (please check for details at


- 6/15/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)....

  Spokane Farmer's Market  5th between     

  Browne and Division 9- noon

- 6/21/19...Friday...FanceeThat! with Brad


  and Jackie McIntyre-Fox....at St. Maries

  Summer Concert Series ....St. Maries City

  Park....St. Maries Idaho....6-9 pm  

- 7/12/19...Friday....Brad Keeler Trio ....

  Manito Park Bench Cafe Concerts...Manito

  Park, Spokane South Hill...6-8 pm

- 7/13/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)....

  Spokane Farmer's Market...between Browne

  and Division...9 am- 1 pm

- 7/14/19...Sunday...FanceeThat! (Brad Keeler

  & Jackie McIntyre-Fox...Cordelia Church

  concert, 1501 Danielson Rd. Genesee, ID

  (south of Moscow)  door opens at 1 pm show

  from 2-3pm... for more info contact (tickets)


- 7/19/19...Friday...Brad Keeler (solo)...Pend

  Oreille Winery....Sandpoint, ID...5-8 pm

- 7/23/19...Tuesday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Fairwood Farmer's Market...Hastings Rd.

  Spokane...3-7 pm

​- 7/25/19...Thursday...Brad Keeler (solo) ...

   South Perry Thursday Market...3-7pm...

- 7/31/19...Wednesday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

   Spokane Farmers Market....9-noon

- 8/10/19...Saturday....Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Spokane Farmer's Market....9-noon

- 8/11/19...Sunday...FanceeThat! (Brad and

  Jackie)....CycleHaus...Harrison, ID...1-3 pm

- 8/17/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

   Liberty Lake Farmer's Market...9 am- 1 pm

- 8/24/19...Saturday...Jackie Fox and The

  Hounds...North Idaho Fair, Coeur d'Alene...

  Main Stage.... 11am - 2 pm

- 8/25/19...Sunday...FanceeThat! (Brad and   

  Jackie)...North Idaho Fair...Main Stage...

  1-3 pm

- 8/28/19...Wednesday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Spokane Farmers Market...9-noon

- Labor Day weekend...Brad Keeler (solo)

  Tumbleweed Music Festival...Howard Amon 

   Park, Richland, WA South Stage Saturday   

   12:30-1 (check Tumbleweed website for more)

-  9/6/19...Friday...Brad Keeler (solo) ....Forza

   Coffee....Lincoln Heights...29th on Spokane

   South Hill....6-8 pm

- 9/7/19...Saturday....Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Spokane Farmer's Market 9 to noon

- 9/11/19...Wednesday...FanceeThat! at

  Millwood Farmers' Market...Dalton Ave 

- 9/14/19 ... Saturday...Jackie Fox and the

  Hounds...Latah County Fair...6-10 pm

- 9/17/19...Tuesday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Fairwood Farmers Market..Hastings

  Rd...Spokane...3-7 pm

- 9/21/19...Saturday... Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Liberty Lake Farmers Market...9 am- 1 pm

- 9/21/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

   Spokane Porch Fest...3-7pm (detail tba)

- 9/27/19...Friday...Jackie Fox and the

  Hounds... Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival       

  ...Tygh Valley Fairgrounds....check fest 

  website for details...performance 6pm 


- 10/11/19...Friday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

  Forza Coffee...South Sullivan...Spokane Valley

  6-8 pm 

- 10/12/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

​   Spokane Farmer's Market...9-noon

- 10/19/19...Saturday...FanceeThat!...Mulligan's

  @ Best Western, Appleway, Coeur d'Alene 6-


- 10/26/19...Saturday... Brad Keeler 

  ...Indie Air Radio Concerts (sharing the bill with

    Patrice Webb), Spokane....7 pm visit Indie Air 

    Radio website for details

-  11/9/19...Spokane Fall Folk Festival...

   w/   FanceeThat! (Brad and Jackie)

   performing original music ... watch for

   updates on days, times, stages tba

   watch for updates

-  11/10/19...Spokane Fall Folk Festival


- 11/16/19...Saturday... Sandpoint Library...Brad

   Keeler... "Tunes for Tough Times: Songs from

   the Great Depression Era"....3-4pm (by

   invitation of the Sandpoint Library)

- 11/16/19...Saturday...FanceeThat!....@ 

  Mulligan's @ Best Western ...Appleway...

  Coeur d'Alene....6-8 pm 

- 12/14/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)...

   Idaho Pour Authority....Cedar St...Sandpoint

​   5-7 pm

- 12/21/19...Saturday...Brad Keeler (solo)

​   Spokane International Airport...Concourse C

   5-7 am (yes, before the sun rises!!!)

- 12/26/19...Thursday...Brad Keeler (solo)

   Spokane International Airport...Concourse C

   5-7 am (before the sun rise)

​                                           ​2018 schedule:

Saturday Jan 20- Fancee That (Brad Keeler & Jackie Fox)

Three Rivers Folklife Society Winter Concert Series UU Church Pasco, WA

Saturday Feb 3- The Brad Keeler Trio (with Linda Parman  and Jim Pittman) @ Inland Northwest Bluegrass Music Association Monthly Showcase at Western Dance Center Sullivan Rd Spokane Valley

Saturday Mar 10- Fancee That (Brad Keeler & Jackie Fox)

The Vintage private concert, Spokane, Wa

Saturday April 14- Fancee That​ (Keeler & Fox) at Lewiston Valley Bluegrass Showcase, Clarkston High School, Clarkston, WA

Friday May 4- Brad Keeler Trio (w/Linda Parman & Jim Pittman) @ Craftsman Cellars, 1194 W Summit Pkwy, Kendall Yards, Spokane 7-9pm​

Saturday May 5- (tentative) Fancee That (Keeler & Fox) @

Palouse Farmer's Festival (Valleyford, WA) time TBA

Saturday May 5- (tentative) Wide River (Brad Keeler, Dave McRae, Brett and Janet Dodd) @ INBMA Showcase Western Dance Center, Sullivan Rd (just north of Spokane River) Spokane Valley, WA ( www.spokanebluegrass.com for info)

Saturday May 13- Brad Keeler ​(solo) @ Spokane Garden Expo, Spokane Comm College, 9- 11 am (visit www.tieg.org)

Saturday May 19- Fancee That ​(Keeler & Fox) @ Wild Bill Goose Days, WIlbur, WA. WIlbur Town Park, time TBA

Saturday May 26- Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Market,(5th between Browne & Division) 9-noon

Friday June 1- FanceeThat! @ Valley Bluegrass Festival,

County Fairgrounds, Orofino, ID, 5pm

Saturday June 2- FanceeThat! @ Trestle Brewing​, Ferdinand, ID 5-8 pm (approximate time), we will be sharing the evening with John Berning)

Tuesday June 5- Brad Keeler @ Fairwood Farmer's Mkt

Hastings Rd, North Spokane, 3-7pm

Saturday June 16 - Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt

(see above for times and location)

Wednesday June 20 - Brad Keeler @ Millwood Farmer's 

Mkt, Dalton Blvd, Millwood, 3-7 pm

Saturday June 23- Brad Keeler and Level Four @ Deer Park Summer Concert Series, Mix Park, Deer Park 6-8pm

Thursday July 5- Brad Keeler @ Thursday Market, South Perry District, Spokane, 3-7 pm

Saturday July 14- Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt

(see above for times and location)

Wednesday July 18- Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt (see above for details)

Thursday July 26- Jackie Fox & the Hounds (w/ Brad Keeler, Jim Pittman, Philip Brown) @ Browne's Addition Summer Concerts, Coeur d'Alene Park, 6-8 pm

Friday July 27- Brad Keeler Trio (w/Linda Parman and Jim Pittman)  Manito Park Bench Concert Series, Manito Park Cafe, 6-8 pm

Saturday July 28- Jackie Fox and the Hounds (noon to 1 pm) and the Brad Keeler Trio (2-3pm) Deer Park Settler's Day, Mix Park, Deer Park, Wa​

Wednesday Aug 1- Brad Keeler @ Millwood Farmer's Mkt

Dalton Blvd, Millwood, WA 3-7pm

Saturday Aug 4- Fancee That @ Colville Rendezvous,

time TBA (visit www.colvillerendezvous.org)

Thursday Aug 16- Brad Keeler @ ​Thursday Market, South Perry District, Spokane, 3-7pm

Saturday Aug 18- Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt

(details above)

Wednesday Aug 22- Brad Keeler​ @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt (detaiis above)

Thursday Aug 23- FanceeThat! @ North Idaho Fair and Rodeo, Kootenai County Fairgrounds, Coeur d'Alene, ID,

1 pm 

Friday Aug 24- FanceeThat!​ @ Bemiss Community Concerts, Hays Park, Spokane, WA, 6-8pm

Sunday Aug 26- Jackie Fox and the Hounds @ 

North Idaho Fair and Rodeo, Kootenai County Fairgrounds,

Coeur d' Alene, Id, (afternoon)

Saturday Sept 1- Tumbleweed Music Festival, Howard Amon Park, Richland, FANCEETHAT! (Brad Keeler and Jackie McIntyre-Fox) 2pm South Stage

Sunday Sept 2- Tumbleweed Music Festival, Howard Amon Park, Richland, WA BRAD KEELER TRIO w/Linda Parman and Jim Pittman.....2pm South Stage

Saturday Sept 15- FanceeThat! @ ​Mulligans, Best Western, 506 W. Appleway, Coeur d'Alene, ID 7-9 pm

Tuesday Sept 18- Brad Keeler @ Fairwood Farmer's Mkt

Hastings Rd, north Spokane, 3-7pm

Saturday Sept 22- Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt

(details above)

Friday Oct 5-CANCELLED due to personal business Brad Keeler Trio  @ Craftsman Cellars, 1194 W Summit Pkwy, Kendall Yards, Spokane 7-9pm

Saturday Oct 13-​CANCELLED due to personal business  Brad Keeler @ Spokane Farmer's Mkt


present Songs of the World War 1 Era for The Spokane County Library District's Commemoration of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Armistice that ended the Great War.  One hour concert from 11 am til noon at Moran Prairie Library on South Regal.

​Saturday Nov 3- BRAD KEELER and LINDA PARMAN present Songs of the World War 1 Era at North Spokane Library (Hastings Rd) 4pm

Saturday Nov 3- Jackie Fox and the Hounds w/Brad Keeler at INLAND NORTHWEST BLUEGRASS MUSIC ASSOCIATION Monthly Showcase Concert Western Dance Center on Sullivan Rd immediately north of Spokane River 7pm

Monday Nov 5- BRAD KEELER and LINDA PARMAN present Songs of the World War 1 Era at Medical Lake Library  4pm

Monday Nov 5- BRAD KEELER and LINDA PARMAN present Songs Of the Worrld War 1 Era at Spokane Valley Library 7pm


present Songs of the World War 1 Era Airway Heights Library 6pm

Wednesday Nov 7- BRAD KEELER and LINDA PARMAN present Songs of the World War 1 Era 

Cheney Library 6 pm


​present Songs of the World War 1 Era, Deer Park

Library 6:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday Nov 10 and 11- Spokane Fall Folk Festival @ Spokane Community College (times TBA)

Tuesday Nov 13- BRAD KEELER and LINDA PARMAN present Songs from the World War 1 Era, Argonne Branch, Upriver Drive, 6:30pm